Trentino Tree Agreement

It is becoming increasingly clear that the protection of the environment depends on human decisions. And it`s clear now that this is an important commitment for all of us: the more a community has a tradition and history of protecting the environment and landscape, the more it is possible to raise awareness of change. This is why Trentino, a traditional community for the protection and protection of the environment and landscape, wants to be committed to good practices. We have decided to renew our pact with nature and create the Trentino Tree Agreement, a project that represents our commitment to the exercise and communication of a sustainable lifestyle. We decided to start from here again: rebuilding our forests can become the engine for broader and deeper change. .

Sobre Franco Baldissare

Soy consultor en Comunicación y Personal Branding. Ayudo a personas y organizaciones a conectar para comunicarse mejor con su público. Además de brindar talleres y charlas estoy escribiendo un libro, que espero presentar este año. Casado con Noe, tengo dos hijos: Francesco y Gemma.

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