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Development of fee courses A guide to requesting fee courses. Examples of Fees Enrichment Contracts Case 17 Contains examples of fee agreements between students and teachers. The main goal of the Honor Enrichment Contract is to allow students and teachers to interact on challenging academic issues. Students and teachers should feel free to conclude, in addition to general expectations, an agreement adapted to the particularities of their interaction, the expected work and the course. Teachers and students should be able to benefit from contract work to enrich honors. Many instructors choose to offer their course for fee credit. These courses are advertised at Barrett Honors College. If you have any questions, please contact Katja Brundiers. Honors Enrichment Contract Guidelines Guidelines for Students and Teachers in fee agreements. Honors Contracts documents can be particularly useful as policies and sample projects for the inclusion of students in fee contracts in your courses. The following appendices from Barrett Honors College provide useful information on different ways to work with some of the best students on campus! In addition, the Bidstrup Fellowship Award offers up to US$2,000 for HON students to research with a faculty member.

Note that the student must have financial need, although this is not clearly defined in the application form.. . .

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Soy consultor en Comunicación y Personal Branding. Ayudo a personas y organizaciones a conectar para comunicarse mejor con su público. Además de brindar talleres y charlas estoy escribiendo un libro, que espero presentar este año. Casado con Noe, tengo dos hijos: Francesco y Gemma.

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