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Why have you ever made such a commitment to the soul? Perhaps you feel that your fear would increase your consciousness, so you still miss something hurtful? (I`ve found in my clients that this is a common reason.) Filtering life through a blanket of fear doesn`t amuse them (obviously) or the people around you. If you master this, you will find that you are more able to be in touch with your intuition, which will relieve your need for hyper-vigilance. Get help in managing the soul`s contract of fear with the heart magnet tool here. The soul mates will show us the path of love, but also of the challenges and trials we must go through. We will experience difficulties as often as we need, until we accept true self-esteem and learn what unconditional love really is. This is the reason why some people have a lot of soul contracts that bring difficult lessons, but it`s only because everyone has a unique path. We must enter into soul contracts for this life to teach ourselves to give and receive from a safer place, guided not by fear or ego, but by altruism, light and truth. This will change the quality of all future relationships for the better, because after each encounter with another, we have harmony with us, that we will talk more about the heart than ego or fear. Contracts of soul or relationships have a strong influence on our experience of attraction and attachment. If we have a relationship contract or a soul contract with someone, we will be drawn to them and we may not understand why. All we know is that something strong attracts us to unite.

Once you choose the same thing, you can clearly see the purpose of your life. Your energy is then made out of love and you attract immense possibilities in life. This is the purpose of soul contracts, twin flames and soul mates. If they have met one of them and you still do in your life, know that it is time for you to look for a big (positive) change in life. Some soul contracts can take years or even decades to change. The good news is that they can change these models forever! Once you learn the lessons that these contracts have designed to teach you, you can be free of them for an indefinite period.

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