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Mia had offered her novel story to several film production houses, but was rejected until Starvision Plus filmed the content of this novel in 2019. [3] In the evening, Tari walked with Ami to watch, but Bian banished them and asked Tari to accompany him to see a romantic movie at home (with a clip of the movie Romeo + Rinjani). When there is a kissing scene in the movie that is seen, Tari closes his eyes and immediately goes into the room, but is restrained by Bian, and Bian is back to Bian`s room, where they finally make love. After that, they kept watching. If a separate scene is shown in the film, Tari says that if they ever separate, Tari will pray that Allah will reunite them. Bian receives a call from Sarah saying he has another accident and is being treated. At first, Bian doesn`t want to go get him, but Tari allows it. Fourth, I can`t stand soft dancing. Although he tried to be tough and patient, he was still very happy. I want him to kick the Bian hahaha. Frankly, this movie is boring. I am like the QST or a movie directly from one of the private television channels that shows the religious side of a person who is always oppressed. Please, especially girls, it is not easy to be influenced by men who continue to be harassed very patiently.

No! What kind of couple are they??? No nyesel buy the novel plus see the movie ^_^ Plus-plus follow author on wattpad. The title track that accompanies the film is “Answer Love”, sung by the band dUA. [5] Not only does this film teach us that women are independent. Because Tari is an orphan, tall, living with pak de and bu denya. When it comes to sound and musical arrangement, the film also has the advantages of clear dialogue and Tya Subiyaktos music composed with its distinctive buzzing style and support for the overall mood of the film. Not only Tya, but also the band dUA presented their sweet creative song titled Jawab Cinta as a soundtrack of the wedding movie. Bian didn`t like it when Aldi came to deliver goods into the house. Dancing and she fights a little, but when she goes to the movies with Ami, Bian invites her “nicely” while watching a movie together at home.

It`s better #dirumahaja hahaha….

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