Hocking Stuart Rental Agreement

Recently I left the property and hocking stuart found errors in normal wear and tear and I try to take most of my money. They continue to support greedy landlords and do not take care of tenants. You also do not hesitate to attract poor tenants to vcat !! Directors must take responsibility and closely monitor litigation. I will never thank Phil Down of hockingstuart for making my shopping experience so enjoyable. Even excellent support throughout the prose even post perchase. Nice to work with professionals, highly recommended!! We inspected a house for sale in Burnside Heights Vic 3023 by Hockingstuart Caroline Spring. We were both very interested and ready to make an offer. I asked twice for the sales contract, but I did not receive a response. Your agency gave him two months to evacuate what is correct – but your manager turns his mouth to any agent who rings a reference – we had it confirmed by a manager of another agency with which my sister had made a rental request. Since I was 6 years old, they did.

Read More Both the owner and the resident must sign the agreement. We are renting, recently buying an investment property and are currently renting this property with this agency, the rental we are in has also been put up for sale while we are renting them, and they were so good at respecting our needs, even going so far as to pay special attention to my nervous cat when opening. We have never had a bad experience and we find it ethical and understanding. Rent is the money that must be paid by the tenant or resident in the agreement so that they can stay in the premises they rent and use the services and facilities offered. The agreement specifies whether the rent is to be paid per week, fourteen days, per month or at another agreed period. We dealt with a few different Agents from Hocking Stewart and at each level they were professional and easy to handle. Codie J Smith was our direct interlocutor and he was absolutely fantastic. I`m surprised to see the other reviews on this page, given the quality experience we`ve had. .

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