Free Trade Agreement With Thailand

Austrade can help Australian companies become familiar with local market conditions and help develop export opportunities through a number of merchant and Australian services. In November 2013, Thailand and the EU negotiated and concluded a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) which provides a comprehensive framework for EU-Thailand relations and will open up vast opportunities for the development of cooperation. The EU`s comprehensive approach to bilateral relations with Thailand is set out in the Council conclusions of December 2017. Tariffs that have not been eliminated immediately will be phased out, with 95% of total ongoing trade between Australia and Thailand being fully duty-free by 2010. In some cases, these fees were up to 200%. The Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Australia (TAFTA) entered into force on 1 January 2005 in force. The agreement ensures better access to the Thai market for Australian products, improves trade and investment prospects in the services sector, improves the regulatory and investment environment, and promotes business mobility. Tafta has enabled many Australian companies, which were previously excluded from the Thai market due to high tariffs and quotas, to find new export opportunities, including in sectors such as agriculture, processed food and beverages, mining and automotive products. Thailand is one of Australia`s main markets in Southeast Asia. Thailand has been a member of the WTO since its inception in 1995.

Thailand is one of the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the region`s second largest economy in terms of GDP (17%) and the EU`s fourth largest trading partner in ASEAN. . . .

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